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Aren’t we going to loose something?..

If the future needs us — in a which way?..

… already for a long time humanity is the human-machine system, which only in this state can perform its functions. If we look at trends, we can see that part of this system’s information, which is being stored outside of human brain, is gradually increasing during thousands of years already — since the invention of cuneiform script — and we simply are closer and closer to that time, when this part of information in a human will become negligibly small.

But do not separate humans and computers — they, along with printed books, are parts of the single system, which can not work otherwise.

Yes, independent can be only that, what can reproduce itself. So, what reproduces itself now? Human? Not at all. Independently of the rest of humanity modern human will die in a few weeks. Reproduces itself the civilization — along with the necessary people, who are reproduced exactly as a machines. … Simply in a some step some elements of evolutionary system can become unneeded — how steams became unneeded some time before, — with the exception that those elements will become we, humans.

However, is it possible to stop progress? Definitely, total control over all planet is necessary for this.

(Translation from russian is mine, sorry for my english)

I would note, however, that i am more optimistic.

Everything will stop before robots will become humans and humans will become robots ;-)

However… we will see.

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4 коментарі to “Aren’t we going to loose something?..”

  1. Python says:

    Машини будуть господарями планети. Ми не можемо запобігти цьому — ми самі приведемо їх до панівного стану. Єдиний спосіб вижити для людини — бути симбіонтом машин, приносити їм користь.

  2. ReAl says:

    Відразу згадав про цю статтю, коли мені наче аж фізично погано стало від того, що згорів комп’ютер на роботі і вилетіло вдома два жорстких диски. І нічого ж не пропало, бо резервні копії були, але…

    Поправ лінк на статтю – зараз її там нема, я знайшов тут

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