I will put here some of my scripts, which helps me to work :-)
Probably, they may be of interest for someone.
I must state, however, — I am not a programmer; real programmers may feel this page funny of ugly :-)

py-htbstat is a tool for collecting HTB kernel statistics, it allows to view graphs and perform basic analysis.
PySDTG — (Python’ed) SNMP Devices Traffic Grapher. What’s wrong with MRTG? — it’s too clever. It’s possible to configure to fetch virtually everything, it’s possible to process data before storing… But those configuration files up to several megabytes started to slow down its job ( 60 devices, every 5 minutes… and it becomes slow as for me).
That’s why i wrote a set of scripts (Python, py-snmp, py-rrdtool), which do «the same» and slightly more. — WordPress plugin, which searches posts for regular expressions and «on the fly» replaces found matches with specified strings.

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