Some news:

Jinn Koriech uploaded py-htbstat to github —

It’s great! Now everything that i would like to improve — i will improve over there.

Thanks, Jinn!

py-htbstat — py-htbstat is a tool for collecting HTB kernel statistics, it allows to view graphs and perform basic analysis.

py-htbstat py-htbstat requires py-rrdtool (, spec here).

py-htbstat works with «standard» Python binding to rrdtool of RRDTool contribution.

Read README file, take a look at some screenshot excerpts (a bit outdated, sorry), load src.tar.bz2, src rpm or spec. And changelog or release notes for v0.2.3-dor2.

Some notes:

As Xesc Arbona have noticed, py-htbstat also works with PRIO statistics, not only HTB.

To have this working he filtered output of /sbin/tc -s -d class show dev $DEV via grep -v "class prio" before feeding it to py-htbstat. Thank you, Xesc! (20081217)

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