True Knowledge — “human” answer to questions?

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True Knowledge Ltd launched a test service — True Knowledge (registration required, free).
Surely, I wanted to take a look :-)

First, I asked «How many seas on Earth?». I have got a very good answer:

So, it seems this engine understood me quite correctly, but it does not know the answer yet.

Next I asked whether Bill Gates is clever (sorry):

The answer was very honest, I was surprised. And again — note the understanding of question, very, very nice.

Next question, as for me, was harder: «Who can produce milk?». Understanding of question, again, seems to be very correct:

But when I choosed one of proposed variants, I have got very strange short answer: «Yes«:

Next question I borrowed from their examples, but changed «how far» to «how better» (probably, an error: «better from»):

As an answer I was proposed to add a «knowledge» to a database.

Oops — is this «typical» error, don’t know — correctly-incorrect answer:

BTW, the engine can not answer to «How old was J. S. Bach?», but can answer to:

And right after that — why, how can i forget?! ;-) — this:

Next — relatively «stupid» question: «Who lives in London?». The engine started to work harder, it took more time to find an answer, and finally it gives back:

Exclusively correct answer. With explanations, list of facts. But probably nobody knows, however, how the system will behave, if there will be a lot more inhabitants in London :-)
(Yes, I have asked also who lives in USA, and also who lives in the world.)

Well, and I decided to ask something hard at last: «What is the maximun speed of «Cutty Sark» in knots?» :-)
The result was:

So, it is quite smart, I’d say. And, surely, it is very interesting, how it will understand questions in Ukrainian.
(You can see, that my English is quite poor though)

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