Brownian motion

around the essentials…


Thanks, Matt!

Four (five) good blogs., by Lord Matt.

Всім привіт!

Так, я не надто багато пишу :O)

Тому радує — «чомусь» — що і таке моє «малярство» може бути комусь цікаво.

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2 Responses to “Thanks, Matt!”

  1. Lord Matt сказав:

    The fact that you can write in a second language and be interesting in it is impressive. I struggle to remain interesting in my first language. So you are ahead of me.

  2. dor сказав:

    Well… I’m not ahead but spread… in a “brownian fashion” :O)

    Thank you :-)

    I’ve bookmarked some of your “posts” (rather articles) and wish to read and understand them… Thinking of motion as of [smth] having direction — you’re far ahead of me.

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