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Ukrainian weapons in Georgia?..

Background voice: «on most weapons — text in Ukrainian»…

Well… For those who can not distinguish — this is a lie. Usual russian mass-lie.

And… Do you know, what is shocking thing here? That there are people, who talks about a «single common nation» and «single common culture», «single common history» — and they can not distinguish Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian.

For some reason those people wish to have common history with Ukrainian’s very much…

ps. Yes, i know — they can distinguish, but they do not want.

pps. That is Serbian language.

ppps. Russia helped Serbia, do you remember?…

pppps. …so, that may be Russian weapons, easily, for Serbia.

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Georgia an Russia

Well, if someone (*if*) would like what i’m thinking about the current oil painted picture with Georgia and Russia — i would say that Russia is an aggressor in this situation.


If CNN lauched another «quickvote» — if Russia would 100% sure that it would win new world war, should it start this war to defeat USA, Georgia, Ukraine etc-etc (many other their «enemies»)?

… Be sure, most of russians would answer «yes».

Be sure.

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Maksim Berezovskiy

This post is about Maksim S. Berezovsky — unique Ukrainian composer (1745–1777). Sorry, I couldnt express my feelings in English so far.

Hmm… Below is the demonstration of FD-Footnotes and Language Switcher incompatibility, sorry.

»

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